We invest in people by delivering educational and IT services and committing ourselves completely to the task of developing people.  Our philosophy is that IT is for people and should add value to people’s lives. In education, our philosophy is that people are individuals and need to be developed to their full potential.  For successful growth and development to take place, people need to feel comfortable, safe, valuable and accepted.  We try and provide a peaceful environment in which the learner can be free to be him/herself and develop his/her unique set of traits and skills.  To be successful in a highly specialized market takes more than academic qualification:  Knowledge is not enough; it should be developed into skill.  Our emphasis is to gain knowledge and get the right qualifications, but mainly to develop skill.  The learner should be able to apply what he/she has learnt to problems to be able to develop solutions.  In training, we have a holistic approach:  Pairing the correct IT skill set with other required skills, e.g. Business English, social skills, effective time management, study methods, taking responsibility, teaching what it means to have integrity, loyalty and being reliable, self-discipline required to meet deadlines and attend work  / classes every day, fundamental knowledge of Business, Finances and Project Management. During and after studies students are assisted in building up the correct practical project portfolio to enter the market, CV’s are drawn up, students are guided through the interview process and assisted and supported until they are placed in the market.