We combine international certifications with skill development by engaging students in development projects as part of their programme.

These projects are added to their CV as portfolio works – we have had very positive feedback on our students’ project portfolios.

As part of the programme we also offer additional very necessary knowledge and skill that is essential to entering and thriving in the workplace: 

* English Module 1 –
Fundamental English skills required
by an industry founded on English.
* English Module 2 –
Business Communication –
Equipping students with a broad range of skills required in the IT Industry:

  • Writing of professional business documents and letters, compiling professional CV’s and resumes, preparing for interviews, conducting meetings, negotiation skills, Ethical behavior and ethics in the workplace, professional conduct in the workplace, preparing proposals for systems and public speaking and presentation skills.

Developing Microsoft Azure and Web Services – Modern Cloud Development (70 - 487)

QUALIFICATION TITLE: Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer: App Builder 

Relational Database Design Fundamentals

Prerequisite knowledge/skill for Database Fundamentals -

Unit standards-based 

Software Development Fundamentals (98-361)

QUALIFICATION TITLE: Microsoft Technology Associate – Software Development Fundamentals

Software Testing Fundamentals (98-379)

QUALIFICATION TITLE: Microsoft Technology Associate – Software Testing Fundamentals

Database Fundamentals – MTA and International Exam (98-364)

QUALIFICATION TITLE: Microsoft Technology Associate – Database Fundamentals

Querying Microsoft SQL Server 2012/2014 (70-461) 


HTML5 App Development Fundamentals​ (98-375)

QUALIFICATION TITLE: Microsoft Technology Associate – HTML5 App Development Fundamentals

 ASP.Net & ASP.Net Core – Server–side Web Application Development, services and dynamic pages 

Students need to learn and understand ASP.Net first as prerequisite to ASP.Net MVC


Accounting and Business Finance
Need this for proper Business Systems Development

C# Specialist Programming (70 -483)

QUALIFICATION TITLE: Microsoft Certified C# Programming Specialist

Software Project Management II
Project Management skills required for the IT Industry

Object-Oriented Programming Project Practical skill-building project for OOP

Windows Final Project – Practical Application of MVVM patterns
Practical skill–building project for modern multiple–device and cross–platform development

Study Methods 

Prerequisite knowledge/skill for all other courses 

MS Office Fundamentals – Advanced Computer Literacy, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, internet

​​Prerequisite knowledge/skill for all other courses – Unit standard–based

Universal Windows Platform – Developing Mobile Apps -(70 -357)

QUALIFICATION TITLE: MCSA – Universal Windows Platform

Reporting Services for Applications: SQL Server Reporting

Services and Crystal Reporting skills required by the industry

Cloud Fundamentals (98-366)

QUALIFICATION TITLE: MTA – Networking Fundamentals

This track is always current and based on Microsoft technologies and
international certifications. The MCSD is Microsoft's top-level development certification and is in high demand in the industry.


JavaScript – Web Development using a Scripting language
Bridging between Web fundamentals courses and HTML5, Css3 and JavaScript Programming Specialist

English I – Grammar
skills for each student – the whole of the IT market is based on English


Fundamentals of Project Management I
Essential Project Management skills for the industry.

SQL Intermediate Database Design and Development
Need this course as bridge between SQL Fundamentals and Advanced.

Programming in HTML with JavaScript and CSS3 (70-480)

QUALIFICATION TITLE: Microsoft Certified HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS3 Programming Specialist

The English course was developed for WW.IT–IQ by Saskia Brits, a Linguistics lecturer holding a Master’s degree in Cognitive Linguistics from UNISA and Head of our English Department.

  •  Project Management Fundamentals – An essential skill, especially in the IT Market. The Project management course was developed by our Director: Marketing, Project and Programme Management, who has 30+ years’ experience in Marketing, Project and Programme Management on the highest level in the IT Field.
  • Basic Accounting and Business Finance – A course developed and presented by our Director: Finances and Operations, with 30+ years’ experience in finances and running businesses.
  • Additional Development courses required to move from Fundamental –> Intermediate –> Advanced level Internatonal IT  Certificatons – Courses developed by our Director: Training and  Solutons, with 15+ years of experience in IT Training and 25+ years’ experience in Technology and Systems Development.

Web Project – Practical application of HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript

Building a Personal Website and Publishing it

Developing ASP.NET MVC Web Applications – The Model–View–Controller Architecture in Web Development (70 -486)


3rd year Business System – Incorporating big data stores, Accounting principles, Agile and Scrum methodologies, advanced programming and development using modern technologies and coding languages

Practical Team project combining and applying Agile and Scrum methodologies, Accounting and Business Finance, C# Programming, Visual Programming and Database Development skills

Visual Programming Application

Practical skill-building project for Visual Programming

SQL Fund – Database – T–SQL Fundamentals

​Prerequisite knowledge/skill for Database Fundamentals





This is our main programme
which we have been presenting
since the beginning of WW.IT–
IQ. The programme has had very
successful results over the years
– students who have completed
the programme get excellent
positions in the IT Industry and
progress fast from junior level to
mid-level to senior level in the

Agile and Scrum Development and Apply to project 
Prerequisite knowledge for Intermediate and Advanced level courses.

WPF – Visual Programming

Need this for backward compatibility in the market

English II – Business Communication

Essential skills for the IT Industry